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The Smuggler's Route

The ideal tour to relax in the calm waters of the Guadiana River and visit the once smugglers' paradise – The Village of Alcoutim – rich in cultural and historical heritage.


€63 pp


€43 pp

This tour takes you to one of the most popular destinations lately - Alcoutim - on one of the most relaxing means of transport: our boat “ARIMAR”.

The journey along the Guadiana River, the natural border between Portugal and Spain, allows you to enjoy the landscape of its beautiful banks, full of sugarcane fields and water birds as well as the various riverside villages.

Upon arriving in Alcoutim, to welcome you, you can immediately see the Statue of the Smuggler, erected in honor of that activity as old as the definition of the border. In the past, the entire Guadiana border region lived off smuggling and it was based on this activity that we chose the title of our tour.

Upon arrival you have approximately 2.30 hours of free time, ideal for having a nice meal (optional) and visiting the town's historical heritage, namely the Casa dos Condes, the Chapel of Santo António and the Medieval Castle, or even taking a dip in the River Beach.

If you still have some free time, we suggest you cross the river and pay a visit to Sanlucar del Guadiana (Spain) and, for the more adventurous, we suggest a trip on the International Zip Line over the Guadiana River.


Start of the cruise to Alcoutim

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