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Jeep Safari half day

You certainly know the Algarve beaches well… But have you already explored the towns and villages that spread across the northeast of the Algarve?

If not yet, we invite you to join us on one of our Off-Road Tours.

With the Guadiana serving as a backdrop, walk with us along the winding dirt roads, between the valleys and mountains of the Algarve mountains.


€44 pp


€30 pp

Points to highlight in this experience:


Nature: visit to the Castro Marim Sapal Natural Reserve and its salt pans. Observation of flamingos and the fauna and flora of the Northeast Algarve. Visit to the Odeleite dam.

Culture and History: passing through Castro Marim and several lost villages in the Algarve mountains.

Adventure: traveling in an off-road vehicle means reaching hidden places through winding dirt roads, which in itself constitutes a real adventure!



This tour includes:

Off-road travel



Approximate duration: 3h30


It is advisable to bring comfortable clothes and shoes and sunscreen.


Start of Jeep Safari

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