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Just like our boat ‘Jasmim Flor‘, which is in the docks waiting for some brand new and powerful engines, this web page is being made so much better. Thank you for your patience in these hard times.

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About Transguadiana

Excursões originais desde 1987

Transguadiana was created 31 years ago in the Baixo Guadiana region. It is a travel agency and tour operator of family origin, very connected to the communities where it operates.

Our main objective is the satisfaction of the clients who participate in our activities, be they boat trips on the Guadiana, 4×4 safari tours, walks or bicycle rides.

We want to promote the local development of our communities through Responsible Tourism, to help solve the problems of desertification and unemployment in our region.  By preserving our traditions and culture, respecting the environment and promoting eco tourism that is sustainable.

Transguadiana is aware of the changing needs of the tourist industry. We created an incoming department to develop active tours for slow tourism. Walking and Cycling programmes have been developed for different routes and trails of the beautiful Guadiana region. With new and exciting experiences and sensations for our visitors and guests.