A perfect day trip to relax in the tranquil waters of the Guadiana and visit the once smugglers’ paradise – the village of Alcoutim – rich in culture and historical heritage.


42 PP

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20 PP

between 4 and 11

This tour takes you to one of our most requested destinations – Alcoutim – by one of the best relaxing forms of transport: our upgraded cruise boat Jasmim Flor.
The trip along the Guadiana River, the natural border between Portugal and Spain, takes around 2 hours, which allows the observation for 40 kms of red-roofed Villages, Guard Posts for the Carabineros or the Fiscal Guard and reed beds full of water birds.
Relax on-board soaking up the scenery and tranquillity.

When you arrive in Alcoutim, wishing you a warm welcome you can immediately observe the statue of the Smuggler, erected in homage to that activity as old as the definition of the border. In the past, the entire border region of the Guadiana lived from smuggling and it was based on this activity that we chose the name of our tour.

A knowledgeable guide will tell you all about those smugglers and will take you along Alcountim’s landmarks, like the Casa dos Condes, the Parish Church and – of course – the Medieval Castle.
After this guided visit, you have 2 hours to yourself, perfect for a little shopping, lunch, a swim in the river beach, or a quick visit to Sanlucar (Spanish side of the river) and perhaps even a ride on the international zip line over the Guadiana River.

We leave Alcoutim around 3pm and sail back to Vila Real de Santo António, where transport is waiting to take you back to your accommodation.

We advise you to dress comfortably and bring your towel, bathing suit and sunblock.



Start of the Cruise to Alcoutim


Arrival at Alcoutim

12:00 – 13:00

Guided visit to Alcoutim’s most important landmarks

13:00 – 15:00

Time off to explore the town


Start of the trip back


Arrival at Vila Real de Santo António