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You surely know many of the Algarve’s beaches already, but have you ever explored the small towns of the Algarve’s North-East? If not, join us on one of our 4 wheel drive trips and travel through its hills and valleys, almost entirely on dirt tracks, with the Guadiana river as a spectacular backdrop. We visit many small towns, both deserted and inhabited.


55 PP

discounts are available


27,5 PP

between 4 and 11 y.o.


22 PP

between 0 and 3 y.o.

This jeep safari has literally everything:

  • Nature: we visit the Castro Marim nature reserve (aka ‘Sapal’) and its salt pans. We observe flamingos and get up and close to the North-East’s fauna and flora.
  • Gastronomy: we have lunch in a typical Algarve restaurant. During the trip we stop to taste local produce and – of course – Medronho (firewater made from arbutus berries)
  • Culture and History: we stop at the medieval cities of Castro Marim and Cacela Velha and many towns hidden way in the hills
  • Adventure: getting around in a 4×4 means you can get to places you wouldn’t normally see by using dirt tracks and inaccessible roads. Just in itself this is a great adventure!

This tour includes: professional driver, trip in a 4×4 and lunch.

We encourage you to dress comfortably and bring your towel, bathing suit and sunblock.